Our Mission

Welcome to OnGod Skin Care, where nature meets nurture in every bar of artisan soap, and every jar of joy and luxury. We are first and foremost Children of GOD, Kingdom Husband & Wife, Father and Mother and artisan skin care makers. OGSC was born from a mother's love and a family's journey towards healing. We are more than just a skin care brand; we are a testament to the power of pure vegan ingredients, the magic they hold and the Grace of GOD.

Our story began a decade ago, in Elle's small loving kitchen, our founder and the heart of OnGod Skin Care. When Elle's baby girl was suffering from eczema, Elle embarked on a mission to find a gentle, effective solution that would soothe her daughter's delicate skin, without the harsh chemicals found in traditional skin care products. With a blend of research, passion, and a pinch of motherly love, Elle crafted her first batch of vegan soap and moisture rich batch of whipped body butter. It wasn't just a bar of soap and a jar of shea butter; it was a beacon of hope, a relief that was kind to the skin and the planet. Elle, and her family, witnessed the transformational and healing effects these vegan products brought to her daughter's skin. After years of trial and error, Elle and her husband, Shawn, knew they couldn't keep this secret to themselves. Driven by a desire to help others and Kingdom expansion through healthy, happy skin, OnGod Skin Care was born. Today, OnGod Skin Care proudly offers a range of ALL NATURAL artisan skin care products, each lovingly crafted by Elle and team. Our products are a tribute to our journey, a blend of science, nature, and a lot of love. We invite you to experience the purity and effectiveness of OnGod Skin Care and join our family in celebrating beauty, wellness, and the joy of vegan skin care. "Be Good to your Skin"